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NPI offers a series of professional training seminars for the management, development, and preservation of historic, cultural, and environmental resources related to historic preservation and cultural resource management.

Other information on NPI training seminars:
Identification, Planning, and Evaluation
Laws and Regulations
Cultural and Natural Resource Management
Native American Cultural Resources
Historic Property Management
Curation, Conservation, and Stewardship

*These seminars are not currently scheduled, but are available as customized on-site training or may be scheduled in the future.

Customized/On-Site Training
NPI offers customized on-site training to meet specific organizational needs. The professional training seminars listed on the web site or in the brochure may be tailored to create single- or multiple-day workshops at a location and time convenient to the sponsor. NPI also can develop other preservation-related training seminars. For a list of organizations that have worked with NPI to receive customized training and/or related conference services, visit the Customized/On-Site Training page. Read more

Who Should Attend
NPI training seminars focus on topics of current concern to professionals involved in the management and stewardship of cultural and historic resources, charged with compliance and contracting, and/or involved in the cultural resource and environmental management process.

  • Accessibility coordinators
  • Architects and landscape architects
  • Community leaders
  • Contractors, public administrators, attorneys, and environmental specialists
  • Economic and tourism industry professionals
  • Government and public utility company officials
  • Historians, architectural historians, photographers, and writers
  • Historic site administrators, museum curators, and collection managers
  • Housing specialists and developers
  • Landmark and zoning commission members
  • Managers of historic structures, landscapes, and other properties
  • Native American tribal leaders and staff
  • Planning, design, engineering, and public works professionals
  • Preservation, land use, and facility planners 

Seminar Format and Certificates
The seminar format encourages discussion and allows time to focus on issues of particular interest to the group. Participants return to the workplace with new skills and knowledge immediately applicable to the current concerns of their organizations or clients. NPI seminar participants receive a certificate of training completion at the end of the semester if one is requested on the registration form. Seminars vary in length. They generally are held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

NPI's professional training seminars are taught by nationally recognized educators, consultants, and practitioners in historic preservation, archaeology, architecture and landscape architecture, conservation, engineering, historical research, laws and regulations, planning, restoration, technology, and cultural resource management. To learn more about an instructor, visit the Faculty page. Read more

Continuing Education Credits
NPI does not participate in any continuing education programs offered by professional organizations. Self-reporting may be an option for members of organizations that require continuing education credits. 

Certificates of Attendance
Certificates of attendance indicating completion of training are available from NPI. These are mailed at the end of each semester to participants who attend the entire seminar. Participants may request a certificate during the registration process by checking the box on the registration form. A certificate for a one-day seminar provides 6 training hours, a two-day seminar provides 12 training hours, and a three-day seminar provides18 training hours.does not participate in any continuing education programs offered by professional organizations. Self-reporting may be an option for members of organizations that require continuing education credits. 

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